Why Having Professional Photographs Taken Of Your Family Is An Investment.

In the age of the iPhone, you may ask yourself why anyone would pay to have professional family photographs taken. Whilst photographs snapped on an iPhone certainly have their place, as I explored here, professional family photographs have so much to offer – more than you might initially think.

True expertise

When you hire me as your family photographer, you’re paying for my experience – not only for the photography skills I’ve honed but also for my people skills. Over the years, I have learnt how to get the best out of people and how to capture each family’s unique dynamic – their interactions and particular energy, as well as individual traits and facial expressions. It can often take an outsider like me to spot these idiosyncrasies. Once I have, it’s then my job to bring them to the fore in a natural, unstaged way – something I pride myself on being adept at doing. I’ll have a little get-to-know-you chat prior to the photoshoot but I find the most authentic family photographs are achieved by me standing back and observing in the most unobtrusive way possible, so that you almost forget I’m there.

A mother kissing her laughing daughter outdoors.

Guiding hand

The most successful photoshoots are always the ones in which everyone involved is happy and at ease. The location of the shoot plays a big part in this. Many people feel most relaxed at home, whilst others prefer to head to a favourite family haunt, such as a specific park or beach. I can help you pick your location and then suggest ways to get the most out of it. The right light is key to a beautiful photograph, so I will recommend the best time of day to meet and which rooms/spots to shoot in your chosen location. We’ll also discuss other elements that may enhance the final images such as clothing, props, natural/architectural features and favoured family activities such as a ball game, craft or picnic.

Family time

The photoshoot itself can be as meaningful for your family as the end product. It’s a little pocket of time in which you can take a step back from your busy lives and come together, reinforcing and celebrating your special bond. The shoot doesn’t have to be limited to your household. You can make it multi-generational, inviting grandparents and, if you’re lucky, great-grandparents. If nothing else, the last few years has made us truly cherish time with our wider family circle and helped us realise it isn’t something to be taken for granted. If you’ve family visiting from far away, why not grasp the short time you’re all together and book a professional family photoshoot? Particularly if it ties in with a significant date or event, such as a big birthday, anniversary or recent birth. Not only will it capture a rare moment in time, but it’ll also be a shared experience you can discuss and hold onto forever. And, crucially, you’ll ALL be in the photographs because you’ll have me there to take them for you!

Mother, father and son huddled together, the sun shining through the trees in  the background.

Beat the overwhelm

I find the vast, and ever growing, number of photographs on my iPhone completely overwhelming – and I imagine I’m not alone in this feeling. When I’m taking photographs in a professional capacity, my shots are considered and intentional but, like many people, a large number of the photographs on my phone were snapped almost unthinkingly – and I don’t always have the time or inclination to sift through them, resulting in many wonderful images going unseen. By paying a professional like me to take family photographs, you’re also paying me to select, edit and curate the images, guaranteeing you end up with a beautiful collection of photographs that you can return to time and time again. 

Treasured possessions

I strongly believe that a professional family photoshoot is an investment, an investment your family will reap the benefits of for years to come. I’ll liaise with the professional printing studio who will transform my digital snapshots into photographic artwork – whether that be in the form of a photobook or prints for your walls. Either way, the photographs will be there for all the family to enjoy, rather than hidden away forgotten on a phone. In this day and age, there’s also something to be said for having something tangible – physical objects that aren’t reliant on a piece of technology functioning properly or are at risk of becoming defunct further down the line. Your collection will have true longevity, a piece of family history that will be passed down and treasured by generations to come.

If you’re thinking about booking a professional family photoshoot, I’d love to hear from you – simply fill in my contact form and we’ll go from there.

An open photobook lying on a closed red photobook.
Father and son looking through a photobook together.