Professional Prints Transform Lifestyle Photographs into Something Extra Special

After hiring a professional photographer for your lifestyle photography session, you await the final images in a state of excited anticipation. These aren’t just everyday snaps taken on a smartphone, these photographs are truly special, family heirlooms that will be passed down to future generations. For beautiful, timeless images, that can be enjoyed year after year, I always use a professional printing studio to transform my digital snapshots into photographic artwork.

By having lifestyle photographs taken professionally, you’ve taken the first step towards owning high quality images that you will cherish forever. You are commissioning a piece of artwork, so it’s important that the printing reflects this. Unlike DIY prints, professional prints guarantee a high-end, luxury product

that is perfect for displaying proudly on the walls of your home. There is a myriad of elements which contribute to this, including the use of quality paper, ink and printers.

When using a high street printing service, options can be rather limited. Standard sizes, for example, offer only a few to choose from, and finishes are usually either matte or gloss – that’s your lot. Using a professional printing studio, with their specialised equipment and expertise, opens up a whole new world of creativity that you may have otherwise been unaware of. Image dimensions can be customised to meet your needs exactly. The type of ink used can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your photographs. Professional printers work differently to standard inkjets. Rather than just layering the ink on top, creating a disappointingly flat image, the paper is instead infused with high quality ink. The end product is a sharp, accurate image that is rich in colour and has real depth, as well as just the right amount of contrast. The vibrancy of your print will remain for years to come as it will not fade as quickly as those of lesser quality.

As a professional lifestyle photographer, I want my clients to have something that is truly special – something tangible. Whether it be a photobook, print or canvas, we can discuss the best way of displaying your images – you can read more about why it’s worth printing family photographs here. I’ll liaise with the professional printing studio who will work their magic to create something for you to treasure forever. Adorn your walls with a maternity photography collection, later adding newborn photographs after the birth of your baby. A canvas print from a family photography session makes a wonderful, and highly personal, focal point in a room and a photobook of couples’ photographs is a curated record of happy memories from a specific time in a relationship.

Anyone can take a picture but not everyone can create a beautiful photograph. If you’d like to book a lifestyle photography session or have further questions about the products I offer, please do get in touch.