Maternity Photography : the Beginning of a New Chapter

Maternity photography has become increasingly popular over recent years and is the perfect way to capture a precious moment in time that is unique to you and your family. The advent of social media has made documenting our everyday lives second nature to many, so it makes perfect sense to go that extra step and hire a professional maternity photographer for something extra special. Afterall, expecting a baby is just the beginning of some of life's most precious moments.

Speaking from experience, I know that when you’re deep in the throes of pregnancy, it can feel endless, particularly if it has been a tricky pregnancy. But in reality, it’s a transitory time that, once gone, can be difficult to recall – even just a few short months later. A maternity photography session will provide you with a tangible reminder of those transformative times that you can look back on with a comforting sense of nostalgia. 

Maternity photograph of father kissing mother with her hand on her bump

When I first meet a couple, or expectant mother, I first of all try to establish the overall mood. Almost always there is a prevailing sense of anticipation, but this can be laced with an assortment of different emotions – excitement, happiness, anxiety, fear, and more often than not, a mixture of them all. Whether this is a first, second or even fifth child, each pregnancy is different and is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. A maternity photoshoot is the perfect time to bond as a couple or family unit as it can often feel as though the focus of pregnancy is entirely on the soon-to-be mother. 

Whether they be solely for your own enjoyment or as something to share with friends and extended family, maternity photographs are something that will be kept forever and passed down to younger generations. Those who choose to find out the gender of their baby are getting more creative in how they reveal their news to others, and a gender reveal maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way in which to do this.

Mother and father with hand on bump for maternity photoshoot

To get the best out of a maternity shoot, there a few ways in which you can prepare. Ideally, the session should be booked before the 34th week of pregnancy and the photographs taken during the third trimester, when your belly is nice and round. I always recommend that you wear something that you feel comfortable in. Light, flowing fabrics work well in pregnancy to create a soft, elegant silhouette. Choosing the right location is integral to achieving the style of maternity photographs that you want. A location, whether at home or outdoors, that has meaning to you and your partner/family will immediately bring an intimacy to the images. There is more information about what to expect from all my lifestyle photography sessions on the FAQ page.

Maternity photography of happy mother-to-be

There is so much joy to be had when expecting a new member of the family. I feel so honoured to be able play a role in such a special period of a couple/family’s life and capture the love, the unknown, the hope – all in a collection of photographs.

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