Everything You Need To Know Before Booking Your Maternity or Newborn Photoshoot.

What can I expect from a newborn photography session?

The most important thing for you to know about a newborn photography session with me is that I want to make it as relaxed and enjoyable as possible as this is a very special time for you.

Once I’ve arrived, I’ll ask someone to show me around so that I can understand the light in your home and plan out the best places to take some pictures. When your baby is napping, I’ll take some solo snaps of them. When awake, we’ll play some pass the parcel as mum, dad and siblings take it in turns to hold the tiny tot.

Once ready, you’ll be left with a set of carefully curated images celebrating all the minutiae of your little one – the laughs, the yawns, teeny toes, nappy changes and, if you’re comfortable, nursing too. Nothing is off limits! You can read more about how to get the most out of your newborn photography session here.

Where will my maternity/newborn photoshoot take place?

As with all my photography sessions, maternity photoshoots can take place either at home or an outdoor location of your choosing – it all depends on your personal preferences and how well you’re feeling in the later stages of your pregnancy.

Having a baby is a big change, sometimes rather an overwhelming one, and mothers need time for their bodies to rest and heal. This is why most of my newborn photographs are taken in the comfortable and familiar environment of the family home. Here you can snuggle up with your new bundle, in a truly intimate setting, to your heart’s content. Also, many clients like to have photographs of their baby in just a nappy or nude, so this is something best done at home. 

Newborn baby in foetal position on a green sofa.

How long does a maternity/newborn photography session last for?

Maternity photoshoots take between an hour and an hour and a half. Newborn photoshoots can take a little longer as the baby is the one running the show – and they won’t be told what to do! Generally, the session will take between one and two hours but I’m not rigid with timings as there needs to be time for nappy changes, nursing and, of course, a cup of coffee!

What if my baby is fussy/cries during the session?

Babies are babies and they can be unpredictable. If your baby is upset, do as you would normally do – check and change their nappy, offer comfort with a feed or just have a good old cuddle. Lifestyle photographs are all about authenticity and, the fact of the matter is, babies get upset. Whatever the baby’s mood on the day, I can guarantee that you’ll still end up with a set of beautiful newborn photographs.

Father cradling yawning newborn baby’s head, looking down and smiling in black and white.

When should I book my maternity/newborn photography session?

There’s nothing I love more than capturing beautiful images of excited parents-to-be and tiny newborns, so I recommend booking your maternity shoot before your 34th week of pregnancy and your newborn photography session when you’re around six or seven months pregnant. It’ll just mean I’m more likely to have availability if you book that far in advance. The timing of maternity photography sessions is more restrictive than newborn ones – once that baby’s out, there’s no going back! 

When should I schedule my maternity/newborn photoshoot for?

The best maternity photographs show a lovely, rounded belly – normally this will be during the third and final trimester. Many pregnant women start to flag as they near the end of their pregnancy, so keep this in mind when arranging your maternity shoot. You can read more about how to choose the best time for your maternity photography session here.

Depending how soon after the birth you’d like your newborn photography session, scheduling it can be a little trickier. My approach is to make a note of your baby’s due date and then wait to hear from you via email or text after the birth. Ideally, newborn photoshoots take place within the first two weeks of the baby being born – but it’s perfectly fine to arrange it for a later date if that works best. You can read more about choosing the best time to do a newborn photography session here.

So, there you have it – your most pressing queries about maternity and newborn photoshoots answered. If you have any further questions you’d like to ask, or you’d like to book a lifestyle photography session with me, please do get in touch.

Side profile of pregnant woman in front of bright white backdrop.