Choosing Natural Beauty Over Staged Perfection with Lifestyle Photography

A hand-glazed coffee cup sitting on a rustic wooden table. Recently read books, strategically placed next to a vase of seasonal flowers. A posed sun-filled holiday snap of a couple gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Many of us will be used to seeing these types of photographs as we scroll through social media. And they’re not without their own beauty and charm—after all, there’s no right or wrong way to take photos—but it’s important to remember that they are curated to project how we want our lives to appear to others. As a lifestyle photographer, it’s my intention to show life as it truly is, in all its honest glory. I offer four different lifestyle photography sessions, which are:

Lifestyle photograph of siblings sleeping together in cot

Even before I began my career as a family lifestyle photographer, taking meaningful photographs was always something that was close to my heart. Since the birth of my two sons, I have wanted to preserve every smile and silly face and so I have found myself taking endless photos of them with my mobile phone. Everything they do feels so precious, and I don’t want to miss a moment. I want to remember them as they really are so it’s very rare that I get my boys to pose. I snap them acting naturally as they play, read or sleep.

Family photograph of father and two sons lying on the bed together, laughing whilst reading a book

I want to capture your family’s special moments too. Whether it be a favourite outdoors location or simply at your home, choosing the right place is integral to setting the tone of the photoshoot. I’m an Edinburgh photographer so I’ve held photoshoots in various settings across the city, but I’m also happy to travel to different places too. What I love about family lifestyle photography is that the images convey an artistic simplicity yet have so much depth and meaning. Lifestyle photography isn’t simply about taking some pretty pictures to put up on the wall – my photographs tell a story. I want to get to the heart of what makes your family tick, how you connect and who you all are as individuals. I watch as family life plays out in front of the camera lens. I incorporate all the mundanities of daily life, clicking away through the feeding, tears and tantrums as all these elements are part of the overall narrative.

Family photograph of father helping his two sons brush their teeth in the bathroom

Lifestyle photography is a style much removed from studio photoshoots. There is no staged lighting or flash photography, the focus is very much on natural beauty over perfection. I like to concentrate on accentuating the little details that could otherwise be missed – two siblings holding hands, a look of wide-eyed wonder, a moment of laughter or even tears.

I want you to enjoy my family lifestyle photography sessions as much as I do, so I try to make them as fun and relaxed as possible. It may seem daunting at first knowing that there’s someone clicking away in the background but don’t worry, you’ll start to become less aware of the camera, and any nerves will gradually fade away.

Find out more about the different lifestyle photography sessions I offer here.

Atmospheric lifestyle photograph of man drinking coffee in the kitchen as the sun is low in the sky

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Lifestyle photography showing two brothers playing with sand on the beach