Newborn Photography – welcoming your baby to the family

There is nothing more exciting than introducing your baby to the world – so why not hire a newborn photographer to capture those first precious moments? Welcoming a new member of the family is a truly magical experience, an experience that can be revisited if photographed with thought and care.

No two families are the same and I love to document each family’s personal story. As a lifestyle photographer, I want the shots to be as true to life as possible, so I never use staged sets or ask my clients to pose, instead encouraging the sessions to be led by the baby’s mood and routine. My favourite newborn photographs are those of families cuddling on a bed or sofa, as these images display the intimacy that sets lifestyle photography apart from traditional family portraits. I like to keep things simple, so a plain onesie/sleepsuit is the perfect outfit for the baby. I will also take photographs of the baby in just a nappy, or nude if the client wishes.

Newborn photograph of mother nursing baby

I don’t expect clients to have a spotlessly clean house – consumed by their newborn and adjusting to their new reality, cleaning is the last thing parents should be doing! All I ask is that any clutter is tidied away, although toys and family keepsakes can be left out to give the photographs a more authentic feel.

With a newborn, even the most mundane of tasks can feel enchanting. My newborn photography sessions are never rushed so I encourage my clients to change nappies, nurse and even bathe their baby – I want to capture all these little moments that strengthen the bond between parent and child. It is important to me that families feel comfortable and relaxed in their own homes, so they’re welcome to put their feet up and enjoy a cuppa while I snap the baby as they nap! These photographs aren’t solely about the new baby but also the family as a whole and how it is evolving, so I invite siblings to be very much a part of the session. Those first interactions between the children are an absolute joy to see – special moments that will be discussed repeatedly over the years and become family folklore.

Newborn photograph with mother and sibling

Making the most of natural light will always get the best results which is why my newborn photoshoots take place between mid-morning and late afternoon. Before I arrive, I ask my clients to open all curtains and blinds to let that glorious daylight seep into every room. As natural light is the most flattering, I’ll find the best source of it and set up my camera in that spot. There is more information about what to expect from all my lifestyle photography sessions on the FAQ page.

To book a newborn photoshoot, I recommend contacting me during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy – but don’t worry, I can always schedule a session after the baby is home. I’ll make a note of the baby’s due date on my calendar and wait to receive an email or text within three days of the birth to arrange the session. Ideally this will take place during the first two weeks of the birth but that isn’t set in stone.

It is always such an honour to be part of these early days and to record the family’s jumble of excitement, happiness, trepidation and overwhelming love – and, for the baby, the beginning of the adventure that is life!

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Baby being bathed during newborn photography session