Carve Out Some Time Just For You and Your Partner with a Couples’ Photography Session

As we continually race through our busy lives, we can overlook the most important aspects of what make us who we are. After the first exhilarating flourishes of romantic love begin to fade into the mundanity of the everyday, we often take our relationships for granted. As a professional lifestyle photographer, I want to give you permission to stand still for a moment and offer you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your other half by booking a couples’ photography session.

Whether you’re in the first throes of passionate love affair or your relationship has withstood the test of time, I can create a selection of beautiful, timeless images that’ll make for dewy eyes whenever you pore over them.

It’s easy for couples who’ve been together a while to stop carving out time specifically for each other – throw children into the mix and it may feel like an impossible challenge! Despite having the best intentions, planned weekly or monthly date nights often slip down the list of priorities. Arranging a professional couples’ photography session is the perfect excuse to set aside time to be with each other.

Instead of buying just another box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers for your anniversary, why not treat each other to something a little bit different and book a couples’ photoshoot? The photography session can take place in your home or a significant location that holds meaning for the two of you. If you can, why not stretch out your time together and make a day of it ­­– maybe add in a romantic lunch or dinner? 

As the Chinese proverb wisely states, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, celebrate your love for each other with images that will last a lifetime. Most relationships have their ups and downs, so having happier times to look back on can help rekindle any dwindling feelings.

As a professional lifestyle photographer, I will capture your own unique love story. My pictures will allow your individual personalities to shine through as you take this time to reconnect with one another. Selfies, of course, have their place but there’s nothing quite like professional quality photographs to showcase special moments in people’s lives. Many of us take a deluge of snaps on a daily basis, so it can be easy for individual snaps to get lost in the crowd, never to be seen again. It’s also common for couples to have very few pictures together as one of you is usually taking the photo – now’s your chance to both star in every single shot.

So, for a relaxed and creatively fulfilling experience, book a couples’ photography session with me and feel the love.

As well as couples’ photoshoots, I also offer the following sessions:

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