Celebrate the Love Between You and Your Special Someone with a Couples’ Photography Session

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to book a couples’ photography session. As well as celebrating your relationship, it’ll give you something to look forward to at this gloomy time of year – a great way of beating the post-Christmas blues.

Falling in February, the winter weather lends itself to a certain style of romantic photo shoot. The most obvious option is for the shoot to take place at home where it’s warm and cosy. How much styling goes into the couples’ photography session is up to you. The simplest way to create the desired ambiance is with lighting – candlelight, soft lamp light, perhaps a string of fairy lights and, if you have one, a roaring fire. To take it a step further, a candlelit dinner with, say, red roses as the centrepiece, can produce beautifully intimate photographs, capturing you engaged in deep conversation, gazing lovingly into one another's eyes – maybe even sharing a tasty dessert. Photographs of you on the sofa together can be exceedingly romantic, especially if you’re snuggled up underneath a big fluffy blanket, exchanging gifts and reading heartfelt Valentine’s Day cards. I can also focus in on objects that hold special significance such as jewellery – and with Valentine’s Day being a traditional day for proposals, I can tie it in with an engagement or anniversary couples’ photoshoot.

Despite the seasonal chill, there’s nothing stopping you holding your couples’ photography session outdoors. Huddled up together, bundled up in big coats and ample layers immediately enhances the romance. And bare-branched trees dusted with frost against a backdrop of grey natural light adds drama to the final images. Being late winter, the first signs of spring will bring welcome pops of colour – crocuses poking through the soil, clusters of snowdrops and cyclamen underneath the trees. Saying that, your session may fall during a cold snap that brings snow. If this does happen, and you’re feeling adventurous, we can take full advantage of the white stuff with fun snowball fights, snow angels – even sledging! And, of course, snow itself creates the perfect romantic setting.

Some couples like to make some subtle nods to Valentine’s Day in the photographs with perhaps a red blanket or scarf, maybe some red roses visible in the background. Others like to go all out with heart-shaped accessories, red balloons and bunting – or even their dog sporting a jaunty red bow! I’m happy to be led by you. Before the shoot, we’ll have a chat about the feel you’re after.

A Valentine’s Day couples’ photography session doesn’t have to be just for romantic couples – it can be a celebration of love in its many forms. In more recent years, Galentine’s Day has grown in popularity. Held on February 13 th , it’s a way for women to celebrate their non-romantic relationships. Galentine’s

Day photography sessions are relaxed and irreverent – and just a fun, novel way for two best friends to spend time together. For the images to be as natural as possible, I recommend photographing you doing something you usually love to do together – eating brunch, sharing cocktails, going for a long walk or

just chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

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