Keeping Memories Alive with Printed Family Photographs

As we travel on our journey through life, we take many photographs along the way, capturing places, people, special moments. Memories may fade over the years, but photographs serve as reminders of how things looked and felt during a specific juncture. Photography allows us to travel back in time to revisit happy, or sometimes even difficult, periods of our lives. Sifting through a photo album is like reading a story or assembling a jigsaw puzzle, one piece after another.

There is something rather romantic about the idea of children rifling through a drawer and finding an old, dusty photo album. Who are the people in the pictures? Who took the photographs? When were they taken? There is an immediacy with photographs that sparks conversation and makes people truly engage.

Family lifestyle photography album

Having professional lifestyle photographs taken is similar to commissioning a piece of artwork. Not only are they an investment that can be admired and shared with others, they are also a wonderful way of enhancing your home, adding a deeply personal touch to any room they are displayed in. If a room is starting to feel a bit tired, simply rotating the photographs can refresh the space without needing to redecorate. The creative process of selecting favourite images and deciding how to display them, whether that be as wall art or curated in a photo album, is a big part of the joy of owning physical family photographs.

It is, perhaps, ironic the children of today are the most photographed generation to have ever existed and yet will have the fewest physical photographs to look back on and cherish. Displaying photographs of your children on the walls of your home can boost their self-esteem and confidence, making them understand how much they are loved and valued by their parents. Not only that, in a society that has become a slave to screens, looking through printed family photo albums is the perfect way to spend time with children away from electronic devices, perhaps even triggering conversations that may otherwise not have happened. It is also gifting your children a connection with their past that they can share with their own children many years down the line.

Son and father looking at family photographs

With so many of our personal photographs digitalised, it can be easy to forget the value of printed images. In the same way that many people have reverted to hardcopy books from digital reading devices, printed photographs are becoming more popular once again. There is something very human in wanting tactile objects that speak to us, rather than endlessly scrolling through masses of digital photographs. People tend to pore over printed photographs, examining the details more closely.

Lifestyle photographs create a lasting legacy and are an insight into a person’s history. These images act as a reminder of what’s important in life and will continue to keep the past alive.


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Family travel photo album